Its just like the "Fox and the Hound". They are not supposed to be friends, but they are.

In a new show debuting on PBS called "Animal Odd Couples" one of the cutest couples to me is this Great Dane and this deer. According to Isobel Springett, the dog's owner, the fawn was abandoned by her mother and was subsequently adopted by Springett's Great Dane named Kate. Springett calls it "a loving relationship."

As you can see, the dog and deer play together just as a dog would play with another dog.
The strange friendship between a dog and a deer isn't the only odd couple featured in the PBS special Wednesday night. A goat and a horse have been fast friends for 16 years. A dog and monkey, and a dog and leopard are also among the animals featured.

Check Out One of the Cutest Animal Videos below:

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