This is why you should not drink alone because I am sure your friends would tell you this is a terrible idea.

On Thursday, 25-year-old Ryan Hopkins put on a ski mask and sunglasses and went to a Little Caesars pizza place in Versailles, Kentucky.  In theory, his plan was to rob the place, but he couldn't quite pull it off.

Ryan could not because he was hammered drunk.  He slurred out, quote, "This is a hold-up."  The employee working realized Ryan was barely coherent and told him to leave. Ryan actually did leave the Little Caesars.

The cops picked him up.  But Ryan drunkenly forgot to bring a weapon along, so he won't be charged for attempted robbery. Instead, he was only arrested for public intoxication which is way, way less severe than any robbery charge.

I was not there,but I think Ryan wanted some of those hot and ready pizzas. He was hammered drunk and they are delicious when your drunk.