Bad news for all Harry Potter-loving cord-cutters. The Harry Potter movies are currently not available on any streaming service. That’s right, all eight of them. The franchise was most recently viewable on the NBCUniversal streamer Peacock, but has since left the platform. The only place left to watch the Harry Potter series is (gasp!) cable television.

When HBO Max launched in May, they boasted streaming rights to the eight Harry Potter titles. That lasted until August, and then poof! they disappeared again. They reappeared on Peacock beginning October 1, only to stay for a month before leaving once more.

So why do the Harry Potter movies keep magically popping up on different streamers, only to pull on the invisibility cloak during the holiday season? As it turns out, NBCUniversal controls the broadcast and cable rights to the series until 2025. Due to the contract’s details, the titles are obligated to run alongside the Fantastic Beasts movies on the SyFy and USA Networks. This means they must temporarily leave Peacock, but will most likely return for periods of time in 2021.

If you're someone who subscribes to both cable and streaming channels, this won’t affect you too much. The only difference is that you'll have to catch the Harry Potter movies at specific times instead of on demand. If you've distanced yourself from cable for good, you might want to invest in a physical copy of the movies, just in case. At least your Blu-rays can't vanish without warning.

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