Drew Chadwick's new single, "Sweetest Thing," is our new favorite jam, and we're so pumped to exclusively premiere it so you can all love it as much as we already do.

First of all, we have to admit that we loved the song before we even heard it, and that's because Drew told us he wrote it about Selena Gomez!

"I had never met a celebrity like that before, and I was enchanted by her presence. I basically had a crush on her," Drew explained, revealing that he even wrote a poem for her to get to know her better. "The first line in the poem evolved into the first lyrics of 'Sweetest Thing,' which was written literally a couple of days after."

Drew gets super romantic and sultry on the sweet tune, opening the song with smooth lines like, "If I could only have two seconds of your time / I would let you know I find you so divine. Come on baby, show me something so sublime / All I wanna do is feel the way you move, now." Um, swoon. Drew is all up on those slow jamz and we are not complaining.

"What I like about 'Sweetest Thing' is that the idea behind it is that it is relevant to the eternal dance between the masculine and feminine energy," Drew added. What we like about it is that it's pretty much the perfect balance between swoon-your-face-off and also party-in-the-club when the chorus drops.

Listen to the exclusive premiere of "Sweetest Thing" above, and check out the artwork for the single below.

Drew Chadwick
Courtesy of Drew Chadwick