Pink's latest collaboration with Eminem has leaked, and it turns out her description of the track as an “alternative club banger” was dead-on. Despite featuring one of hip-hop music's biggest names, 'Here Comes the Weekend' is actually one of the harder-rocking songs we've heard from Pink in a long time.

Produced and co-written by DJ Khalil, the song rides a mild hip-hop drum beat with strong guitar riffs. Lyrically, the song recalls one of Pink's early hits, 'Get the Party Started,' as she sings about getting crazy on the weekend:

"I just wanna play, big city holiday / So get out of my way if you know what's better for you / I'm tearin' up the night /Lipstick and leather tight / Not looking for a fight, no / High heels and cherry wine / Not wasting any time / We're ticking like a bomb about to blow."

"Nothing high-class in my glass, only bottles of pop," Eminem spits during his brief verse, which picks up on the song's theme about getting ready for a night of partying. "If I don't get some liquor, I'll hurt you," he adds, while also referencing Urkel, a Snickers commercial, and Diddy's Ciroc vodka.

Em's cameo is payback for Pink's guest appearance on 'Won't Back Down,' a track from his 'Recovery' album. Listen to 'Here Comes the Weekend' below, and get Pink's full album 'The Truth About Love' when it hits retailers next Tuesday, Sept. 18.

Listen to Pink, 'Here Comes the Weekend' Featuring Eminem