J-Si and his wife Kinsey brought a new baby kitten into their home thinking it would be the perfect pet for Casen and Chloe. Let's just say from day one all became a bit skeptical and by this last weekend Kinsey was on the phone with anyone and everyone she thought might just want to take this 'precious' furry little vixen off of their hands, she even called Jenna's mom to ask.

The situation took a severe turn when J-Si could hear his son literally asking his papa for help and it so happens Chloe joins in also. The boy could barely move the cat literally had pierced his claws into Casen's ear and had managed to pierce his eyelid not even a fingernails distance from his actual eye. J-Si was able to break the kitten away and thankfully his son was without any extreme puncture wounds.

For the right individual without young children I am sure this little feline would be a wonderful addition and you can always declaw or enjoy having an outside cat, I know the kids were disappointed but someone will fall in love with this little guy.

Listen to J-Si tell the story below and call in if you think this might be the rescue for you!

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