We have to help a Louisiana artist find his artwork that was stolen from his gallery. Lafayette artist, Herb Roe said just before Christmas he had several pieces stolen from his gallery, according to KATC.

Roe says when he went into the gallery on Wednesday, December 23rd, he noticed that four pieces of artwork were missing. The building is a warehouse that he works out of on Garfield Street in Lafayette, near the Freetown area.

Click on his Facebook post below to get a full view of the artwork that was stolen.

Roe added that nothing else was missing and that there was no sign of a break-in. There were no security cameras at the building so unfortunately, there is no footage.

They have a keypad access on the doors, so you can't just come in from the street. It was somebody who has access to building somehow. – Herb Roe

Roe just wants the artwork back. He has filed a police report. We hope someone recognizes these pieces and reports them.

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The two paintings featured prominently in the Facebook post are Gold and Green variations of a work called "Happy and Dauntless and Sagacious" They are part of the artist's Southern Gothic collection described as

A series of works exploring my childhood home and roots in Appalachian eastern Kentucky and southern Ohio and my adulthood traveling and working in the southern US. And although it's meant to be pan-Southern in scope, it will invariably focus on the two locations I have resided in the most; my beloved hills and hollars in Appalachia and the swamps and prairies of my adopted home in south Louisiana.

This 2019 profile from Louisiana Public Broadcasting gives a look at Roe in his studio.

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