There's a lot of things you may be looking for when buying a house. Curb appeal, number of bathrooms, decor, appliances....but sometimes you want more. That's just what this creative owner decided to highlight in this hilarious video about the home he's currently selling in Wichita Falls.

On paper, the house at 4302 Crestview in Wichita Falls, TX may not seem like anything out of the norm. For an asking price of $87,900, you get a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1954 square feet, 2 story, built in 1984.

It's the little details that Joshua Rakes added that really make this place seem special. For example, he claims:

  • The bathroom was visited by Donald Trump in 2015 and inspired his run for President.
  • The back yard is a great place to practice shirtless Kung Fu. The neighbors are even cool with it (except for Mary).
  • The wood burning fire place isn't just a nice accent piece, it features stone imported from Tatooine
  • The hallway is officially endorsed by 'Mom'
  • The house is the birthplace of Freedom
  • And much, much more

Watch the video for yourself and see if you can resist the urge to own this one of a kind home. If you really are interested, it's listed with Floyd Cable  at Hirschi Realtors