Long before the streaming era made playlists king, the crowning attribute of a great album was no skips: the ability to play a project in its entirety without interruption. It's an elusive feat, particularly in hip-hop, and even more so in a time when beefing up a tracklist can reap greater payouts for its creator. Yet every now and then a rapper will drop a truly solid project that you can just ride out to.

It's refreshing when you hear these projects that are stacked from front to back. There's something about not mashing the next-track button and letting a project play—no need to take your phone our of your pocket or reach for the controls in your car or crib.

As such, XXL is highlighting half a hundred albums that meet this distinction. The list is not definitive. And while many of these are undisputed classics, some are less-heralded works that nevertheless pass the test. Take a trip down memory lane and reflect on 50 stellar albums with nary a wack track.

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