Badgers don’t care. When they’re hungry, they’ll do just about anything for a meal. That includes walking into a convenience store and disrupting business.

While the badger in question isn’t a honey badger, known for being ruthless in the pursuit of food, this guy clearly didn’t care where he was or who he may have scared, as long as he found what he was looking for. It all went down in Nevada, where the standoff unfolded for about an hour last week.

A state game warden was called in, and things were described like this:

NDOW photos show the badger baring its teeth through the store’s glass door and later at an animal control officer trying to nab it with a noose on a stick inside the store. The baited cage was brought in after the tranquilizer dart missed.

Even if the tranquilizer did hit the badger, who knows if he would have actually gone down. If you’ve seen the honey badger video, you know these guys are in it to win it, and taking them down is a feat. The baited cage in question held some cat food, which the badger immediately went to. They were able to trap the animal and set him back into the wild.

The question is, will the badger now see that convenience store as a place to get some grub? If he’s smart, he’ll realize that they’ll feed him again in order to get him out of there. He doesn’t care if it’s an inconvenience to those in the store.

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