It's 2015, and the predictions of Back To The Future II are beginning to come true! As we get closer to October 21st, we're seeing more and more of the things we saw in the movie. From Pepsi Perfect, to the Cubs making a World Series run, it's all coming true.

Well, it was only a matter of time before we finally saw the Hoverboard get the recognition it deserved. While this new commercial for the flying skateboard may be about as 'real' as the 'Jaws 19' movie preview, it's still something any BTTF fan will be happy to see!

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment released this new commercial on YouTube today. They put some great detail into it! Look at his shoes!

Yeah, those are the same self-lacing Nike's that Marty wears in the movie. In fact, his whole outfit would fit right in in the 2015 version of Hill Valley. There's also a disclaimer in the video that only appears for a moment but is full of funny tie ins.

Yes, it is all an elaborate add for the 30th anniversary Blu-Ray and DVD release of the trilogy. Yes, it's technically just another fake Hoverboard video. But I think all BTTF nerds will agree, this is pretty much perfect!

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