Many people speak to timing when it comes to relationships — "the timing isn't right" or "they're not ready for a commitment" — it's the idea that fate has a role in romance. Perhaps that's the case for Kane Brown and his wife Katelyn, who almost came face to face a year prior to actually meeting for the first time.

"I was supposed to be in her music video the first time we were going to meet, but I had my first show that day," Brown tells the Bobby Bones Show, "So I didn't meet her for a year later."

The two were visiting the radio show to promote their 2022 duet "Thank God," when Bones asked about Katelyn's singing background. She explained how music has shaped her life and ultimately led her to her husband. The Browns married in 2018.

"I've been singing since I was little," Katelyn shares. "Music has always been a huge part of my life. That's actually how be and Kane even met each other, was just through mutual people that we were both working with in the music business."

Thank God those mutual friends were able to stay the course for another year so Kane and Katelyn could have an encounter. The pair have now been married for four years and share two daughters, Kingsley, 3, and Kodi, 1. They also have a musical baby with their current collaboration and hope to make more music in the future.

"We had so much fun," Katelyn says of their time in the studio together. "I feel like it brought like another bond in our relationship and it's something that we both love. I think we'll definitely do something else, but who knows."

Katelyn admits that while the performing side of music gives her anxiety, she truly enjoys being in the studio creating. She'll have more opportunities to do that when the couple finishes building their home studio.

However, there are no plans for a duets album at this time.

"There's nothing we really have discussed like this is the next move — there's none of that," Katelyn tells of Taste of Country Nights host Evan Paul.

"We're doing a studio in our house right now. I think that's where me and Kane will have a lot of fun putting the kids to bed, getting some wine, going in there, creating ... writing. If we come up with something, cool. If not, there's no pressure."

The pair will have to balance studio time with parenting and also Brown's Drunk or Dreaming Tour this year. He has 24 dates scheduled for March 16 through June 10 with Dustin Lynch, Gabby Barrett and LoCash.

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