Smoking Man
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Kellie gave the shortest answer ever to a Love Letter… Can you guess it? The first caller is in the process of a divorce and she is already seeing another man. But, she has been amazed at her husband and how he has completely turned a 180 wanting to do all he can to save the relationship. What should she do and can she form a serious relationship with someone that she's only been casually intimate with for a while?

Another caller called in about her own dilemma, her fiancé smokes. what advice would you give to someone that wants her boyfriend to quit smoking?  She used to be a smoker herself and has dated other guys that as she said "casually smoked". If everything else is great why not be supportive and help him if he wants to quit. Smoking can't be the only issue here , just one thing to use as an excuse.

Check out the show today in the players below, Kellie and the cast have some wonderful advice for us all.

Need advice? Ask Kellie, the love expert, and submit your letter HERE.

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