There was major news this week from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, when word broke that Jamie Foxx’s Electro would appear in the still-untitled third Spider-Man movie from Marvel and Sony. But Electro previously appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, opposite a totally different Spidey — Andrew Garfield, not Tom Holland — and in a totally different cinematic universe. So how will he show up in Spider-Man 3?

This new video from ScreenCrush’s Ryan Arey breaks down how we think all this might shake out. Could Jamie Foxx’s Electro really jump universes? Is there a live-action Spider-Verse coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Is Sony meddling too much with Marvel’s formula and forcing them to cram in too many villains? Or could Jamie Foxx pull off something really special and unique that would connect the MCU with the old Sony Spider-Man movies in a really interesting way? Watch all of our theories below:

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