Facebook recently launched a really cool new 3D photo feature that adds a whole lot more depth to your photos.

Before you get started, the first thing you need to know is that in order to create a 3D image, you have to take the photo using the Portrait mode on a dual lens iPhone (7 Plus, 8 Plus, X, XS, or XS Max).

Here's how to enable and use the new 3D photo feature on Facebook:

  1. Open the Facebook app on your iPhone, then go like the Facebook 360 page.
  2. Force quit the Facebook app to reboot it.
  3. Reopen the Facebook app.
  4. Start a new post and scroll down to select the '3D Photo' option
  5. Facebook will automatically open your Portraits folder where you can pick the image to post.
  6. Facebook will then create a 3D simulation of your photo and you can test it out by moving your phone around.
  7. If you're happy with it, hit next, add a caption and share!
  8. Voilà! You just created an awesome 3D image for your friends to enjoy!

I used a photo of my Great Dane Rocky to test out the 3D photo feature and it turned out great. If you're on a computer, move your mouse around the image to interact with it. If you're viewing this on your phone, you’ll need to open the post in the Facebook app to see the 3D feature in action. (give it a second to load if you don't see it yet).

Facebook has offered up a few tips on how to capture the best photo for a 3D image:

1. Create layers.
3D Photos use the depth maps that are stored with “Portrait” photos taken on iPhone 7+, 8+, X or XS. You’ll get the best results if your main subject is three or four feet away, and to really make it pop, try to capture scenes with multiple layers of depth, including something in the foreground and something in the background—like a shot of your family standing in a field of flowers.

2. Keep contrast in mind.
You’ll get more of the 3D effect when your photo’s subject has contrasting colors—for example, someone wearing a blue shirt standing in front of a blue wall won’t pop as much as someone wearing a different color.

3. Use texture.
Some materials and subjects make better 3D photos than others. You’ll get the best results from subjects that have some texture to them, have solid edges, and aren’t too shiny. Try to avoid transparent objects like clear plastic or glass, as they aren’t always accurately captured by depth sensors.

Tag @929nin in your 3D photos and we'll feature them in a gallery on our website!

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