Originally reported as the result of scheduling issues, it is now believed that Charlie Hunnam may have left 50 Shades of Grey because the studio wouldn’t allow him script control.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hunnam submitted extensive notes about the film’s script that were well received by executives.  But when Hunnam, who has experience as a writer, requested further script approval, the studio shut him down.  This resulted in tension between the studio and Hunnam, who expressed his desire to leave the project in protest.  Hunnam was advised to keep the role so he didn’t hurt his relationship with the studio, which tried to appease Hunnam by bringing in another writer to work on the script, but Hunnam officially left the project the next day.

The reason for Hunnam’s departure was reported as a scheduling conflict between Shades and his show Sons of Anarchy, but it’s been revealed that the current season of SOA would have wrapped before Shades officially started shooting.  There were also reports that Hunnam was uncomfortable with the attention surrounding his casting, with the studio hiring a bodyguard for Hunnam at the Sons of Anarchy premiere.