A man on Reddit is wondering if he was in the wrong after canceling a planned Mother's Day celebration because he walked in on his wife bullying his son.

The man, who identified himself as FredWalker37, explained that his family is made up of himself, his wife, his son from a previous relationship and her daughter from a previous relationship. In the AITA-style post, he shared that his son "is the quiet one of the house."

FredWalker37 wrote that he planned a Mother's Day celebration for his wife and her family at a restaurant. However, he called off the party after walking in on an uncomfortable interaction between his wife, her daughter and his son.

His wife was reportedly trying to get the teenage boy to skip the party. "She told him that his introverted and socially inept 'attitude' will make her family uncomfortable and will ruin the mood," he wrote.

The back and forth continued with the young boy reportedly promising to be well behaved. However, the wife was not having it. "She snapped and told him that technically, she's not his mom so she didn't get why he wanted to celebrate mother's day with her so badly," FredWalker37 explained. He added that his stepdaughter also made an unkind comment before anyone realized that the conversation was no longer private.

That's when the husband canceled the plans, something his wife seemingly did not take well.

"She tried to explain that she didn't mean it like that and that I only heard part of the conversation but not all of it," he shared. "I told her I was done arguing and the decision was already made. She yelled asking what she was going to tell her family and said that I was making [a] tremendous mistake towards her."

He ended his post by sharing his wife and stepdaughter left their home to stay with family. Although FredWalker37 seemed conflicted and asked if he made the right decision, he couldn't overlook what was said to his son.

"I mean yes I did say I was going to [have] this celebration but I thought that what she said to my son was too harsh to ignore," he wrote.

It appears as though the majority of people who commented on his post agree with his decision. If anything, most comments seem to imply something is wrong with his wife.

"It's highly unlikely this is the first time either of them has been nasty to him," one person wrote. "You are ALL HE HAS in this world." The commenter urged him to get a divorce and move on.

Another shared a similar sentiment. "Circle the wagons, protect your son," they wrote.

"Cancel a party," another wrote. "Hell I would leave her for talking to my child that way. What is wrong with that woman?"

In a series of responses, FredWalker37 wrote that he had spoken to his son who asked for privacy at the moment. He also expressed his fear that this isn't the first time his wife has spoken to the boy like this.

"I know she can be harsh sometimes," he concluded.

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