Well, these people have started off 2018 wrong. I don't know what led up to this car chase - but I do know that it is pretty crazy!

Here's what else I know - U-Haul just got some free publicity (like it or not). I actually was watching the video feed from KBOI 2 with my daughter and she kept asking why the cops were driving so slow after the truck. Within the first few moments the truck tire blew off and started spraying sparks.

Finally, about 15 minutes into the video, the truck comes to a stop and the passengers stay in the car for what seems like a really long time. Police are keeping their distance, then about 46 minutes in, the driver side door opens and a woman seems to be trying to get out of the truck but is stuck in the arms of a man who either really likes her or wants to use her as a shield. For real, who gets in a car chase and then tries to make out with their accomplice while guns are pointed at you?

Again, I don't know the circumstances that led up to the chase or what happened after. Was the driver running away or being forced to by the passenger? Why did they run in the first place? This is just a crazy video!

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