A 37-year-old Iowa Park man has been arrested and is facing multiple charges including 20 counts of Child Pornography and 9 counts of Invasive Visual Recording.

Michael Thomas White was initially arrested back in December when officers from WFPD Crimes Against Children Unit responded to the electronic transmission of a picture of an 11-year-old that was deemed pornographic. White had an electronic device with him while detained, which officers confiscated out of fear that White would begin deleting evidence. While searching the vehicle, drug paraphernalia was discovered, leading to White's arrest.

According to KAUZ, the 11-year-old in the picture was identified and interviewed a few days later at Patsy's House. The victim told interviewers that White was in her room one night and appeared to be 'looking around with his cell phone'. The victim then went on to identify herself in multiple pictures on White's phone that was confiscated by officers, saying that White did not have permission to take pictures of her.

Officers executed a search warrant on White's home and discovered phones, computers, and tablets, all with more pictures of the victim. Before officers performed the search, White admitted to taking pictures of the victim but said they were all taken by accident.

White was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of DWI after an accident. When the WFPD was told that White was custody, a detective went to the Wichita County Jail to serve warrants for the child pornography and recording crimes.

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