We recently posted an article here on our site about the 10 Best Non-Christmas Christmas Movies. I'm a huge fan of Christmas movies. It's a weird thing about me, but I can watch them year round. I guess it brings back good memories or something like that, but that's a conversation for my therapist, not for this blog.

When I looked at the list, I was a bit troubled. I assumed that 'Home Alone' would have to be #1 on the list. Sure, it's set at Christmas and involves a lot of Christmas things, but I wouldn't call it a Christmas movie. If you took the entire concept of the movie and set it at a different time, would it really change the movie that much? Sure, Kevin wouldn't have Christmas tree ornaments in his arsenal of home defense weaponry, but other than that it would be pretty much the same. Heck, the tagline for the movie was "A family film without the family." That sure doesn't sound like a Christmas movie tagline to me.

Now, I assume that people on the other side of this argument might point out that the story is about the family trying to get home to spend Christmas with their son. Tell me this, if you went to France and left your kid home alone, wouldn't you be trying as hard as you can to get back to him, whether or not a holiday was involved? No, you don't want him home alone on Christmas, but I would hope (and I bet DPS would agree) that you wouldn't leave your kid alone on Arbor day, Veteran's Day, or really just any day that ends in Y.

Yes, Christmas plays a big part in the setting for 'Home Alone' but it's not a 'Christmas Movie.' It's just a movie set at Christmas. Despite this indisputable fact, I've found out that 'Home Alone' is on many lists of the best Christmas movies.  Do you agree? Take the poll below and let us know.