The Texas Legislature is set to vote on a bill that will put an end to state vehicle safety inspections.

NBC DFW is reporting that House Bill 3297 passed the Texas House and could be voted on in the Senate as soon as Friday (May 19). The bill was authored by Republican Representative Cody Harris of Palestine. If the Senate passes the bill, it will then go to Governor Greg Abbott.

The thing is, even though the state inspection itself would be eliminated, drivers would still have to pay fees. The $7.50 fee will be added to the fee to register your vehicle.

In addition, drivers in large urban counties would still be required to get a yearly emissions inspection under federal emissions testing requirements.

Opponents of the bill claim that it will make the roads less safe, pointing out that an unsafe vehicle not only puts the driver of the vehicle at risk but others on the road as well. However, national studies have produced mixed results as to just how much safer vehicle safety inspections make the roads.

Those who support the bill believe vehicle safety is a personal responsibility. Others such as former Texas Senator Don Huffines, whose family owns several North Texas car dealerships, claim vehicle inspections are a scam.

Stay tuned for the latest on Texas state vehicle inspections.

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