A Facebook memory just popped up for me that brought back a lot of nostalgia for my first year ever on NIN.

Back in the Summer of 2011 I did my internship with Townsquare Media. I had a lot of fun that summer learning the ins and outs of radio. Sadly, internships end and I went back to MSU. In the winter of that year, I was offered a part time gig to do middays on 92.9 NIN. I jumped on the opportunity.

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When I got back to work in January, my boss was telling me about this new contest we were doing called the Kissathon. Two people will have to hold a kiss for as long as possible, the last pair remaining will win two brand new iPads courtesy of MacTech Solutions.

We did this the weekend after Valentine's Day and I remember the weather was not cooperating with us on this day. It was raining and we were trying to get the couples underneath the tent so they wouldn't get soaked. It was not a pretty sight sitting in the rain for hours kissing someone.


The grossest thing I saw, was a couple got hungry. So they had a friend go to McDonalds to get food. They were eating fries, while locking lips with each other. It is an image burned into my brain for the rest of my life.


So we were broadcasting live all of Saturday. We started this at noon and went all the way to six at night. At seven, we had Most Requested Live kicking off and continuing the broadcast during that can be hectic. At six, we had four couples remaining. Now in the rules before hand, we stated we could institute new things for you to do. We were not going to be out there for days waiting for folks to give up.

So we had people stand on one leg after six. These folks were standing still for hours on end and this was too much for some folks. One couple went down in a matter of seconds. Three left, who lasted a couple of minutes. Only one kept a foot off the ground and locked lips the whole time.

Here is why I will say, this will go down as the strangest contest we ever did. The 'couple' that one was not even dating. Jack Cantu and Brandi Stafford were roommates. They just really wanted the new iPads. Could you imagine holding your lips together with someone you were not dating or married to?

Crazy to me. We have great contests all the time here on NIN, but I don't see us ever topping having a winner lock lips for over six hours with someone they're not dating for some brand new iPads.

Also, I just realized this means I have been working here for a decade. Maybe I should finally drop the Eric the Intern name? Some of you think I still do this job for free, I do get paid now.

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