It is Bone-Pickin' Monday and J-Si was the first with quite the bone to pick with an 8-year-old boy. So, J-Si had heard about this sandy beach at a lake near him and decided to take the family there for a fun day out. On the way he stopped and bought two boogie boards and two floaties -- a donut and a unicorn -- for the kids to play with.

Well, the problem was that every other kid there wanted to play with those toys and, of course, he wasn't going to say no.

Let's just say they left empty handed, no toys to take home. There was a little boy there about 8 years old who first borrowed the unicorn and came to J-Si saying he had popped it. The little boy asked then if he could use the donut and again he did and as J-Si said he came back and it was also popped and ripped at the seems. The last and final episode with this same little guy was with the boogie board. He took it out and J-Si noticed all of these white dots in the water, he broke the boogie board too!

Check out the show today and the other bones people are pickin"!

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