It was around this time last year that Oklahoma's most infamous and heinous crime was finally solved. The horrific and terrifying Oklahoma Girl Scout murders. If you're unfamiliar with this tragic and horrifying case it happened back in 1977 at a Girl Scout camp named 'Camp Scott' in Locust Grove, OK. 3 girls were attacked, raped, and murdered by an unknown homicidal maniac. It remained unsolved for over 45 years until 2022.


Prior to the murders camp counselors found a note that said three campers would be killed and warned that horrible things would occur once the camp was open for the season. This was found 2 weeks before the girls were attacked. The prime suspect in the murders was an escaped prisoner named Gene Leroy Hart who was hiding out in the woods and caves in the area. He was eventually arrested but found not guilty of the crime.

The lack of evidence at the scene and unfortunately back in those days DNA evidence and testing weren't available. Well, things and times have changed and thanks to DNA testing investigators have now identified Gene Leroy Hart as the killer. Mayes County Sheriff Mike Reed spent years working on the case and after re-testing all the evidence he ruled everyone else out as a possible suspect, except for Gene Leroy Hart in 2022.

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Sheriff Reed stated he's convinced that not only did Hart do it, but that he would have been convicted if the evidence and DNA testing were around back then. Oklahoma City's News 9 did an article I stumbled across last year about the case being solved, you can click here to see the whole story. Along with that KOCO 5 News did a story on it (video above) as well. I'm glad that after all these years the case was finally solved.


It took a little over 45 years to solve, I can't imagine what these families went through all that time. Now finally the families of the three little girls: Lori Farmer, Michelle Guse, and Denise Milner know who was responsible. Hopefully, this news will help and they can somehow get some closure. It was one of Oklahoma's most notorious and tragic unsolved murders for decades. Then in 2022, it was finally solved.

Remember Hart was an escaped prisoner hiding out in the same area as the camp when the murders took place. While he was never convicted of the crime most people, law enforcement included thought he was guilty. He was captured around the same time as the murders and taken back to prison to serve out the rest of his time for various charges including burglary, kidnapping, and rape. He died in prison in 1979.

Take a virtual tour of the now abandoned 'Camp Scott' in Locust Grove, OK.

Honestly, I didn't think the case would ever be solved. It's been featured several times on different crime shows and TV movies throughout the years, but until 2022 remained unsolved. The case has been the subject of numerous urban legends, and hauntings. Remembered as one of Oklahoma's most horrific crimes paranormal investigators and mediums have visited the site, Camp Scott seeking answers.


We even featured it in an article last year "The Top 10 Most Terrifying Oklahoma Urban Legends and Hauntings." You can read the article, watch the videos and rank the top 10 by clicking here. Of course with Camp Scott being the site of such a horrendous crime, the rumors of it being haunted are widespread. Those who visit the camp report seeing and hearing the ghosts of children along with all kinds of other paranormal, even supernatural activity. One thing's for sure, haunted or not, the place is beyond creepy.

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