Scary moment for parents in Central, Texas! The video shows a giraffe at the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center picking up a toddler out of a truck bed! At Fossil Rim, visitors get to drive themselves along a path where exotic and endangered animals all roam free. Visitors are allowed to feed the animals. You can do this closer to home in San Antonio at the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch.

A news report from KWTX tells us, Paisley Toten, 2, was riding in the back of a pickup truck with her mom, feeding all the animals, when one giraffe accidentally grabbed her shirt and lifted Paisley into the air. Luckily, no one was injured According to Paisley's dad, "no rules were broken." According to the rules of the park...

you are allowed to ride in the bed of a truck  You may ride in the back of pickups with tailgates up, but there must be an adult (18+ years) and you must remain seated on the bed – not on wheel wells or truck bed walls.


Here is another social media of a toddler narrowly escaping danger from an animal.

A North Texas porch camera recorded the boy walking down the sidewalk. If you pay attention you can see the snake lying in the shade. As the boy starts to move closer, the snake turns aggressive. As the boy runs back toward his mom, the snake strikes in the child's direction but doesn't appear to bite him. Both mom and son were injured when they tripped trying to get away from the snake. it is unclear what type of snake this is.

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