A shocking video of a fight at a Middle School in El Paso has gone viral. A video appears to show a fight between two students at Hurshel Antwine Middle School in El Paso. The video also shows a teacher who was caught in the middle of the fight and thrown to the ground. The fact that the kids are laughing in the background is disturbing.

Socorro ISD shared the following message with parents which was obtained by ABC-7, kvia.com:

"Hello, this is Patricia Fernandez, principal of Hurshel Antwine Middle School. I am calling to inform you that an altercation occurred among students in a classroom on our campus today. This was an isolated incident between individual students. The students involved are being addressed by the administration and law enforcement, as appropriate. There was no threat to other students or the campus. Thank you for your continued trust and support of Hurshel Antwine Middle School and Team SISD."


Talk to the school directly or you can file a formal complaint with the TEA! The complaint must be in writing and signed and include the facts or documentation on which the allegation is based. Click here to get more information.

File complaints against a school district or charter school with TEA for:

  • Conditions at a school district or charter school that present a danger to the health, safety, or welfare of the students
  • Violations of state assessment instrument security procedures
  • Falsifications, fraudulent misrepresentations, or manipulations of information, including manipulations of records, reports, data, forms, statements of assurances, or certifications submitted to TEA through the Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS)
  • Educator misconduct

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