One ingredient used in a popular Easter candy should have folks in Houston, TX and across The Lone Star State worried, as it has been linked to cancer, and children are most at risk, according to reports.

A Warning To Parents:

“Parents should know that the purple and pink colored Peeps they may be putting in their kids’ Easter basket are made with an ingredient that is a known carcinogen,” according to Consumer Reports Senior Staff Scientist Michael Hansen.

The ingredient is a known carcinogen, but it is still used by Just Born Quality Confections in many of their products, according to officials. Consumer Reports points out that Hot Tamales candy, Peeps Hot Tamales Marshmallow Chicks, Party Cake Peeps, Peeps Fruit Punch Marshmallow Chicks, and Peeps Wildberry Marshmallow Bunnies, all contain it.


Red Dye No. 3 Banned By FDA In Some Products.

You'll be shocked to learn that over 2,900 food products sold today contain the carconigen, Red Dye 3. And what's worse is that as one would assume, much of this artificially flavored and artificially colored candy is marketed to children, according to the Environmental Working Group.

“Red Dye No. 3 has been banned by the FDA from use in cosmetics since 1990, but inexplicably is still allowed in food,” Hansen said. “The widespread use of Red Dye 3 is particularly concerning since it is found in many products marketed to children who are especially at risk of developing health problems from exposure. It’s time for the FDA to protect public health by getting Red Dye 3 out of our food.”

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Of course the makers of Peeps defend their products.

“We manufacture all our candies in compliance with FDA regulations, sourcing our ingredients and packaging exclusively from reputable suppliers who adhere to high quality and safety standards,” Just Born Quality Confections said in a statement.


Just Born Quality Confections should stop making peeps with this dangerous chemical, as sometimes compliance with regulations just isn't enough.

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