A Texas bill has been filed proposing that pregnant women in Texas should be allowed to the HOV lanes.

I think it was around two months ago or so when I was reading a conversation on social media about this very thing. Well, it's related, at the very least.

One friend who lives in Tyler, Texas had mentioned they'd read a woman tried to get out of a ticket for driving alone in an HOV lane. She did this by claiming that as a pregnant woman, she was actually two people and so she should be allowed to drive freely in the HOV lane.

She had made the claim that since some people consider abortion to be the act of killing another human being, why shouldn't the living fetus inside her be considered a separate person now? This was the question posed.

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People responded in various ways. Some were in agreement with her point of view. Others laughed at what they considered to be a ridiculous claim and that she should've received that ticket.

Apparently, my online friends weren't the only ones having the conversation as to whether or not a pregnant woman should be allowed to drive in the HOV lanes in Texas.

In fact, a Texas bill has been proposed that, if passed, would allow pregnant women to drive in the HOV Lanes.

According to a report from WFAA, "House Bill No. 521, proposed by representative Briscoe Cain, R-Baytown, would add a new rule allowing pregnant drivers to use HOV lanes, regardless of whether there's another passenger in the vehicle besides the unborn child."

As you and I both know, many proposed bills never make it through the process. However, if House Bill 521 were to pass, it would take effect in September of next year.

Part of what may have inspired this submission was an incident that took place back in June of this year when a pregnant woman named Brandy Bottone of Dallas, Texas was pulled over by a DPS officer for driving solo in the HOV lane. When asked who else was in the car with her, she allegedly pointed to her stomach. Her citation was later dismissed.

And so now we ask you: Do you think it should be legal for a pregnant woman to drive in the HOV lanes? Why or why not? Leave your thoughts in the comments, please.

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