People committing lewd and obscene acts on airplanes shouldn't be a thing we ever need to talk about in Texas. You're locked in a metal tube tens of thousands of feet above the ground with several strangers. It's not the place to get some "relief". Unfortunately, a Lubbock man recently joined the long list of people who learned the hard way that this is a quick way to get arrested.

Lubbock Man Commits Lewd And Obscene Act On Plane

This story is disgusting, and when I came across it I couldn't believe what I was reading. According to reports, a 26-year-old guy was on a flight getting ready to land in Lubbock when he decided to engage in a round of pocket pool. Things took a dramatically awful turn when he decided to unzip and give the lady sitting four empty seats away from him a full view while staring her down. She alerted a flight attendant, and he was arrested when the plane touched down.

By the way, they also found some cocaine on him.

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Unfortunately, this is just another in a long line of people unable to restrain themselves while on a flight. I'm not sure what makes people completely lose their grip on decency and reality while flying, but it happens more often than you think.

There Is Zero Tolerance For Lewd Acts On An Airplane

Recently, I decided to dive into the legality of the "mile-high club" in Texas. In case you've lived under a rock for your whole life, the "mile-high club" is a fictitious club that one "joins" by making whoopee during a flight. It's dumb. There are no club meetings. You don't get a neat badge to wear or a welcome packet full of info on your membership perks.

What it is, is highly illegal and it will land you in jail, paying massive fines, and completely torpedo your reputation. It's a federal offense. There's no reason to risk it. It's not even romantic. The bathrooms on airplanes aren't exactly the best mood-inducing places.

Also, the guy from Lubbock reminds us that drugs and flights usually don't mix either.

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