Already in 2024, we've been flooded with news headlines about tornadoes and severe storms that caused a ton of damage. Almost a year ago, a rare phenomenon was captured on video near Perryton, Texas. During last year's tornado season, twin tornadoes were captured on film in the Texas panhandle.

The Rare Phenomenon Of Twin Tornadoes And The Texas Panhandle

Storm season in the Texas panhandle is a time when most of us who live here get on edge anytime the skies turn dark. There are a lot of dangers associated with severe storms; everything from flooding to monstrously large hail. The most dreaded threat is the threat of tornadoes.

While they are something incredible to see, they are incredibly dangerous and unpredictable. Just one tornado is enough to send terror coursing through your veins. Now, try to imagine seeing two tornadoes side by side.

Just after the 2:00 mark on the video, you can see the two tornadoes as they make their way across the horizon. The phenomenon is considered rare, and some storm chasers have gone their whole career without seeing it.

Be Prepared During Storm Season In The Texas Panhandle

This video was taken on June 15, 2023. It was the same day that Perryton was hit by a separate tornado that claimed lives and left in its wake a path of absolute destruction. A few days later, Matador was hit by a tornado.

Make sure you have a plan in place if a tornado should strike. Know how and where you're going to take shelter. Here is a link with several helpful tips on helping you make a plan for when a tornado strikes.

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