To reduce crime, Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas have once again ramped up their bait vehicle program. They have deployed bait vehicles for years, hoping to catch thieves looking for easy targets before they prey on the public.

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Some people have noticed the bait trucks parked in very strange ways in town. They are usually loaded up with tools that are also outfitted with trackers.

Not many drivers are going to park their trucks full of tools on a traffic island. It would take a very desperate, opportunistic thief to steal one of these vehicles.


In the video, you can easily see something is not right with this situation. It's almost a little too obvious, especially with a bottle of Hennesy on the dashboard.

Police In Dallas Are Looking For Low-Hanging Fruit

Those are just the types of thieves that these police are trying to find. This viral video from Alejandro on TikTok shows a suspected bait truck in Fort Worth.

There are generators and tools loaded up in the back of the bed, a major red flag. The truck has also been left completely unlocked.

Spot Bait Trucks In Texas By Looking At The Tires

One other dead giveaway is the almost brand-new tires on what appears to be an over-20-year-old truck. This could be for safety reasons.

The police department is setting a trap, and if they engaged in a high-speed pursuit to catch whoever stole the vehicle they wouldn't want them to blow a tire in the process. That might lead to liability for the department that put out the truck.

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