A security guard in El Paso, Texas unleashes a smoothie fury on an unsuspecting cashier.

When a simple transaction turned into a fruity fracas, chaos ensued!

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The video at the bottom of this article opens in the middle of the action, so as per usual we have no context as to what was happening before the cameras started rolling.

Act I

Today's show begins with a woman dressed as a security guard buying a smoothie at a convenience store.  It appears as if she's trying to conceal her identity by pulling her coat up over her head, but we can clearly see her face.


Who does she look like in that image?




Act II

At this point, Security Guard Lady (SGL) is ranting to Cashier Lady (CL) about the amount of money she's getting from her. SGL says something about it being "twenty dollars, not twenty pesos." CL says the statement was racist, and the argument continues.


As soon as CL puts down the twenty-dollar bill, SGL picks it up, hurls her smoothie at CL, and scurries out the door.


The security camera catches the smoothie hitting CL right smack dab in the noggin.


Check out the video for yourself below and keep scrolling for the top comments from Twitter.


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