Here's a little 90's nostalgia to go along with your solar eclipse day.

Bill Nye the Science Guy's Epic TV Show Intro

Nothing was better than when your teacher was sick (or hungover) and they had a substitute. If you were in elementary school in the 90's, this usually meant an educational video. If you were lucky, this meant Bill Nye the Science Guy would teach you that day and boy was that always a fun day in school.

Bill Nye the Science Guy in Fredericksburg, Texas on April 8th

Back in the day, Bill Nye already taught us about what a solar eclipse is. Now he will be a part of the fun right here in Texas. Bill Nye is the CEO of the Planetary Society and they're hosting something called Eclipse-O-Rama. It's a two day event in Fredericksburg, Texas that will be one the premiere spots to watch this event in Texas. It will be taking place at the Lodge at Country Inn, which is a 200-acre ranch in Fredericksburg.

Next Solar Eclipse Not Until 2044

August 22, 2044, a total solar eclipse lasting a maximum of 2 minutes 4 seconds will be seen from Greenland, northern Canada, and in the U.S., only Montana and North Dakota. So this one on April 8th, 2024 is a big deal for us in Texas, especially since our state won't experience another one until 2056. So if you're planning on traveling for the solar eclipse or are already in the path of totality. Enjoy the day and don't forget those eclipse glasses.

Texas Counties with Most UFO Sightings

NUFORC or National UFO Reporting Center recently put up a map with the most UFO sightings in the country. Here are the top results for Texas.

Gallery Credit: Stryker

Ranking Texas Rangers New Food for 2024

Yesterday it was announced that Whatabuger will be at Globe Life Field this season. That news got all the headlines, but the home of the World Series champions will have a lot more in store for 2024. So here is what I am most excited to try at a game this year. Note all photos taken from Texas Rangers X page.

Gallery Credit: Stryker