Believe it or not, there’s a city in Oklahoma that will pay you to move there. 

I always thought I would love to work 100% remotely. As a super-introverted person, I figured it would suit me perfectly. 

Then the COVID lockdowns began.

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I quickly learned that I enjoyed being in the presence of my coworkers. Sure, it’s easier to get distracted (for me, at least), but having someone in the same building to bounce ideas off of or go to with a question is worth the tradeoff.  

That said, the hybrid work situation is a much better fit for me. But working fully remote isn’t without its advantages. 

For one thing, you can live wherever the hell you want to. That itself is one reason why I would consider an offer for a job that was 100% remote - especially if it meant that I wouldn’t have to sell my home and move.

But you may be someone who’s looking for a change of scenery. In that case, you could score a nice chunk of change. 

That is if Tulsa is a place you wouldn’t mind calling home. 

Yep. If you’re willing to drag up and move to Tulsa, the city will pay successful applicants $10,000 through Tulsa Remote. You have to stay in the city that calls itself “The world’s largest small town” for at least one year to get the grant. 

Living on Tulsa time sounds better than ever before.

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