When your players take the field, ice, or court. Do you know their iconic song? Here's the history behind some of these tunes.

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Nothing like going to a game and watching your team get ready for the game. If you have attended a game over the past decade, you will definitely recognize these songs. However, you might not even know what they were called until today.

Texas Rangers (Pjannoo by Eric Prydz)

Without a doubt, the most obscure song on the list. This song was huge in Sweden when it came out back in 2008. The music video does make references to Texas as you can watch above. Someone in the Rangers organization got a hold of this thing and the team has been taking the field since 2009 to it.

Dallas Mavericks (Eminence Front by The Who)

When the Mavericks moved into American Airlines Center back in the day, they wanted a new intro to go along with the new arena. They wanted to have a similar intro to what the Chicago Bulls do with the song 'Sirius' from The Alan Parsons Project. The song has been hit at Mavericks games ever since.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (Thunderstruck by AC/DC)

The Dallas Cowboys have been mixing up their intro songs over the past few years and have not been consistent with it at all. At the old Texas Stadium, they took the field to Disturbed's 'Down with the Sickness' for many years. The one consistent song nowadays, AC/DC 'Thunderstruck'. However, the team does not take the field to it, the cheerleaders do. Once you hear that intro, you know a Cowboys game is about to start.

Dallas Stars (Puck Off by Pantera)

The only song on our list officially written for the team. Back in 1999, while golfing with Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrell of Pantera. A few members of the Dallas Stars asked them if they could make them a new song to skate onto the ice to. The two quickly whipped this thing up write before the playoffs started that year and the Stars would win the Stanley Cup shortly after. The rest is history, it has been the official goal song ever since. Widely considered the "Pantera Song", it's believed only Vinnie and Dime helped make it. Not the other two members Rex Brown and Phil Anselmo. However, the entirety of Pantera did celebrate with the Stanley Cup champion Dallas Stars and made them so hungover they almost missed their own championship parade.

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