A nice day out with the family turned into a trip to the repair shop.

Keep Scrolling to Check Out the Damage

So the video above is how an interaction with the giraffes at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is supposed to go. The giraffes are the only animal in the park you can directly feed from your vehicle. The rest of the animals are fed by you tossing food to them from your vehicle. Once again...you're supposed to feed the giraffes from your vehicle.

Well That Didn't Go So Well for One Texas Family

Kari Hill brought her kids and grandchild to the drive thru zoo yesterday and they made their way to the giraffe portion. One giraffe stuck their head in through the sunroof probably knowing some delicious snacks were inside. Kari actually snapped a pic of the giraffe sticking their head in before the damage happened.

Check Out the Damage Below

According to Hill, the giraffe lost balance and collapsed on her windshield. The animal became scared and started flailing around sending glass everywhere. After a few scary seconds, the animal regained footing and ran away. "We pulled off and I made sure the kids got all the glass off of them and put everyone in the backseat while I called the parks emergency hotline to escort us out of there," she said. "My car had to be towed, and I had to file and insurance claim."

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Accidents can happen, but hopefully the giraffe is doing fine. We will see if the park will still allow the giraffes to be hand fed from vehicles as the story gets more attention.

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