"Well, this is not a boat accident! It wasn't any propeller, it wasn't any coral reef, and it wasn't Jack the Ripper! It was a shark."-Hooper from "Jaws"

Keep Scrolling to Check Out the Iowa Park Shark

What a week for shark content in Texas. Just last week, a man was claiming to have caught a shark in the Guadalupe River, which is a very popular tubing river here in Texas. Check out the footage of that here. Now we have a local shark story and I have to admit. I am extremely skeptical.

Iowa Park Rants and Raves Freaking Out!

Google Maps
Google Maps

In not shocking news, a local Rants and Raves page has residents in a panic. Our neighbors over in Iowa Park were wondering about a police presence at Middle Lake(pictured above) this past Thursday. A comment on the post said it was because Iowa Park Animal Control had pulled a shark out of the lake. KFDX has a screenshot of the shark if you want to check it out here.


What the Heck is Happening in Iowa Park?!

So do we need to be worried the next time you go fishing that you could pull up a shark? No, not at all. Iowa Park police department has already said the police presence on Thursday was for an unresponsive woman at the lake. When police went to investigate they found a male to be in possession of drug paraphernalia and another male who had outstanding warrants out for their arrest. So that's why the cops were at the lake. Not a bull shark, but a bunch of bull s*** someone was trying to spread online.

Who's the Troll in Iowa Park?


KFDX was kind enough to blur our his name, but I won't. Jordan Cole of Iowa Park got a photo of a bull shark from a Louisiana story back in 2022. Seriously if you Google "Bull Shark Lake" it's the third photo to come up in the results. Seriously Jordan if you're going to troll at least go to page five of Google results. Make people at least try to see if this is real. Anyway, our little Iowa Park troll is now profiting off this shark nonsense with t-shirts.

Get Your Shark T Shirts!

That's right, this viral story is now turned into money making scheme. So if you want to support the troll, go ahead. I can't believe people really thought a shark was in an isolated lake in Iowa Park. Do better people, come on!

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