Trust me – the residents of this city would rather drink poop water than live in Oklahoma. 

A couple of weeks ago, my man Kelso on our sister station Z94 up in Lawton decided to have a little fun with us here in Wichita Falls. He posted a story pondering whether Texans in Wichita Falls really wished we were Okies. 

Of course, you and I both know that’s ridiculous. And so does Kelso – that's why he wrote it. He loves to poke at people.

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The thing is, since the story was about Wichita Falls, it was posted to our sites as well as the Lawton sites. When it was posted to our site, it was automatically posted to our Facebook, which is why the caption “If you've ever been there, it's practically Southwest Oklahoma” makes no sense. Why would we ask people here if they’ve ever been here? 

Personally, when I read the story, I just rolled my eyes and went on about my business. I considered writing a rebuttal but decided against it. That was until I saw the engagement the story was getting on Facebook. That's when I figured I had better clear the air.

You see, I grew up in this area (Vernon, to be specific), so I know all about it. And I promise you, you won’t find one person from south of the Red River who wishes they were an Okie.

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