I’ll be the first to admit to loving a good old-fashioned conspiracy theory. 

I don’t what it is about them, but I just find conspiracy theories to be fascinating. While many of the theories floating around are far-fetched, there are some that seem plausible to me. 

For instance, I will always believe that COVID-19 is a weapon. Nothing will ever convince me otherwise. Not that I necessarily believe it was a deliberate attack. But it’s no secret that our government and others conduct research to weaponize viruses for biological warfare.

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Like many of my fellow veterans, I tend to be skeptical of everything our government tells us. Not that I believe that we are constantly being fed misinformation, but propaganda is a powerful weapon for those seeking political power.  

And I could go down the online rabbit hole of conspiracy theories all day, every day. YouTube is chock full of videos that make a good case for just about any conspiracy theory out there. 

That said, I typically take most conspiracy theories with a grain of salt. 

But I personally know several people that believe in conspiracy theories that I just can’t get onboard with. I’m talking about close friends here. 

Those friends also happen to be from the Lone Star State. Let me tell you, they are in good company. 

A recent study conducted by Oddspedia found that Texas is among the states in which people are most likely to be conspiracy theorists. Texas is ranked third, behind Florida and California, respectively. 

Something tells me no one will be shocked when they learn that.

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