Make plans to visit the town Texas Monthly calls the Texas version of Aspen, Colorado. 

I often write about my affinity for small towns. Having grown up in little old Vernon, Texas, being in a small town takes me back to my younger days. 

These days I call Wichita Falls home. And while it’s not a small town, it has a small-town vibe to it in my opinion.

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I also write a lot about how much I love road-tripping. Whether it’s for a week or just a day trip, I’m ready to hop in the car and get on the highway at just about any given moment. 

One of my favorite memories from my childhood was when my mother loaded us kids up and took us all over East Texas. We spent about a week bouncing from town to town while making our way to the Gulf Coast. 

And we never stopped in a major city along the way. 

Instead, we visited towns like Rusk, Marshall, and Nacogdoches. I think that’s why the trip was so memorable for me. Each of those towns had unique attractions that we made a point to visit. 

While my wife and I have taken our kids on similar trips across the Lone Star State, we still have much of Texas to see. Yes, our road trip bucket list is extensive. 

One town that I’ll be adding to said list is Round Top. The tiny town situated between Austin and Houston with a population of 91 was named the best small town in Texas by The Discoverer. 

Ever been there? If so, shoot me an email and let me know what you think.

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