Want to explore the unknown? Go visit one of these Texas counties, you never know what you could see in the sky.

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Ever heard of NUFORC? That stands for the National UFO Reporting Center. They take it seriously and only try to put up real claims of possible UFO activity throughout the country. The good news is they put up a map this week of where they have reports of UFO activity for the entire country. Below are the highest reported cases in Texas.

Texas Counties with Most UFO Sightings

NUFORC or National UFO Reporting Center recently put up a map with the most UFO sightings in the country. Here are the top results for Texas.

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Most Conservative Cities in Texas

If you consider yourself a conservative voter in Texas. Here are some cities that you would probably enjoy living in during election season. All election info taken from Road Snacks.

Gallery Credit: Stryker