Sounds like a sausage party Friday night in Wichita Falls, but it looks like a lot of fun.

Friday is National Dachshund Day!

Everyday is some stupid holiday. For instance this Friday is National Wagyu Day, National Cookie Dough Day, and National Peaches and Cream Day (not kidding, check them all out here). Another holiday that Wichita Falls will be getting in on the fun of is National Dachshund Day!

Dachshund Racing In Melbourne To Celebrate Oktoberfest
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What is National Dachshund Day?

National Dachshund Day was established to honor and pay respect to these dogs that are one of the smallest breeds. The day is celebrated on the longest day of the year, offering a little nod to the length of the dachshund’s body!

Wichita Falls Weinerfest!

Looks like a local resident is hoping to bring all the dachshunds together for the holiday with an event at the Wichita Falls Dog Park off of Fairway Boulevard. They will have a parade, a rising of the dachshunds (like Simba in the Lion King), and a race to see who has the fastest wiener in Wichita Falls. For once, you can brag about having a quick wiener in town fellas. You can get more info on Wienerfest on the Facebook page.


Check Out my Wiener Mr. Buttons!

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

R.I.P. to my dad who had this dog. I have taken over the responsibility of raising him and this little guy just loves to be lazy like me. With the exception of him constantly trying to dig through the trashcan in my bathroom, he's a great little dog. Still can't believe my dad named a dog Buttons.

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