Its been awhile since I've visited SeaWorld San Antonio, mainly because all my kids are just about grown and I think they don't have any interest any more but I think when I tell them about this new "one of a kind" attraction that they will soon be adding, I might be able to convince them that a road trip maybe in order.

The Catapult Falls Ride Plans To Open In 2023.

According a press release from their website, SeaWorld San Antonio is planning to open up next season with a splash with its new Catapult Falls Thrill Ride. The park says its the world's first launched flume coaster and the only vertical lift in North America. It also plans to become the world's steepest flume coaster.

The Ride Will Last For About 5 minutes.

SeaWorld San Antonio
SeaWorld San Antonio

According to KSAT, Catapult Falls involves 11 eight-person carts that send riders through a water-filled course before taking them 55 feet in the air via an elevator. Carts are then launched at 30 feet per second, sending riders down a 53-degree slope. The carts then splash into a pool at 37 miles per hour.

Make Plans To Get VERY WET on This Ride

SeaWorld San Antonio
SeaWorld San Antonio

You might want to just wear your swimming gear for this ride because there will be MAJOR splashes on this coaster. SeaWorld San Antonio went on to add that 2023 Season Pass members will get first access to ride the new coaster when it opens next year. For more details about it, visit the SeaWorld San Antonio website.

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