Governor Greg Abbott And Texas Lawmakers Have Had Enough Of Illegal Street Takeovers.

During the coronavirus pandemic, "street takeovers", which involves a large gathering of people watching others perform maneuvers like donuts by blocking off streets and parking lots, drastically surged all across the state. It has become an increasing trend and Gov. Abbott back in February formed a task force to crack down on the phenomenon.

From Austin To Dallas Back Down To Houston, There Have Been Several Incidents Reported Statewide.

Many of these "takeovers" end in multiple arrests and there's been reports of attendees and even law enforcement being injured by bottles and debris thrown by onlookers as they attempt to break up these events.

On Wednesday (Aug. 2nd) Gov. Abbott Signed 2 Bills Into Law Focused On Curbing Street Takeovers.

House Bill 1442 will give law enforcement and prosecutors the ability to go after organized street racing and takeovers, and enforce the law with higher consequences for those involved in the crimes.

House Bill 2899 will give authorities permission to immediately remove cars used in street racing or reckless driving exhibitions when charged with either crime. Previously, vehicles could only be impounded if there was property damage or bodily injury, which is how many of these events were able to continue because the offenders could get their car back.

"If you're doing donuts, we intend to arrest you and put you behind bars where you can be for years," - Gov. Greg Abbott

HB 2899 is effective immediately, while HB 1442 will go into effect Sept. 1.

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