Citizens of a small Texas town are dealing with an unpleasant smell after an unfortunate traffic incident earlier this week.

On June 12, Alan Garland posted a video to his Facebook wall that has since then gone viral in all its guts and glory.

The drone footage shows an intersection in the small town of Dumas, Texas. A truck is stopped at the stoplight. And as the camera pans, you can see a mysterious liquid gunk surrounding the semi-truck.

(Warning, reader discretion is advised. It's gross)

What the heck is that?

Alan Garland
Alan Garland

That, my friend, is a truck full of animal carcasses headed to a rendering plant.

In this case, pig carcasses.

If you aren't familiar with the term 'renderings', then let me give you some cursed knowledge.

Rendering is the process that involves taking the the leftover, inedible part of an animal carcass after it has been butchered and putting it to use in the production of other items. The parts can be used in making soap, dog food, or certain food products.

There are at least two major rendering plants in the Texas Panhandle and this truck was likely headed to one of those plants when this unfortunate scene unfolded.

(Again....Warning, reader discretion is advised. It's gross)

From what it looks like, either a car ahead of the truck put on their brakes too fast, or the truck was caught unawares by a red light. Either way, the force of the brakes caused the load to shift and.....spill.

One thing is for sure, in the middle of a Texas summer, the smell is sure to be ungodly.

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