Whether they're from China, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines or the U.S., for years record label 88rising's mission has been to uplift and raise the voices and talents of Asian artists around the world. One of their most recent breakout acts? Japanese music group Atarashii Gakko!

Comprised of members Suzuka, Mizyu, Rin and Kanon, Atarashii Gakko! (Japanese for "new school") made their domestic debut with "Dokubana" in 2017 before partnering with 88rising in 2021 for their international debut, "Nainainai." Wearing their signature school uniforms, the four women are on a mission to lead their generation with positivity and individuality, all while having fun.

Their energetic performances and dopamine-inducing songs have led them to massive global success. Within the last year alone, the group has managed to go on their first tour (including a North American run with sold out shows), landed the theme song for the Japanese release of Ghostbusters: Frozen Summer, and, of course, made their Coachella debut in the Indio desert.

Ahead of a brand new album and another upcoming world tour, Atarashii Gakko! caught up with PopCrush to discuss their Coachella experience, navigating culture shock and their push to promote fun around the world.

Watch Atarashii Gakko!'s "Toryanse" Music Video:

How was Coachella?

Suzuka: I felt the absolute possibilities of our songs and performances. I felt the audience in our performance, melting into each other  united. It was a really, really extraordinary experience to feel all the oneness and excitement.

How was it meeting other artists who were also performing? Who did you get starstruck from?

Suzuka: So technically we didn’t really meet any artists but we did happen to bump into Lauryn Hill. She was just finishing up her performance and as we were just finishing an interview, we bumped into each other. How lucky it was!

Rin: We were like, oh my God! I was shaking. That’s pretty much it. It was really nice to be there [with all those] fantastic artists.

You've visited the U.S. a couple of times now for tours and some festival appearances. Have you experienced any culture-shock moments?

Rin: The first time I came here I went to the supermarket. Everything was so huge! And I saw a yogurt jar and oh my goodness! It was so huge, like a bucket. So, I was kind of surprised by how big everything was.

Suzuka: So big!

What are your routines to get ready and get yourself amped up?

Suzuka: So we do this pinky promise where we all intertwine and cross our pinkies with each other. And this brings the power we need for the stage.

Mizyu: And then we just have fun as much as we can.

Did you guys feel any pressure from the last time you were here?

Rin & Kanon: No pressure. Not at all.

Suzuka: We’re just having fun! Spreading good energy while having it!

Mizyu: Always ready to rock and roll.

Suzuka: We are just doing what we love and the crowd just kind of ended up supporting what we do. I hope that they continue to support us and achieve and thrive with us in whatever we do and put out to the world.

Watch Atarashii Gakko!'s "Tokyo Calling" Music Video:

You have a new album coming out. What can we expect?

Suzuka: Good energy.

Mizyu: Come to one of our live shows on our next world tour! We will give 1000 percent more so that you will see what Atarashii Gakko! is made of.

It's been a crazy ride since Head in the Clouds Festival last year. What is the one thing that has been the most memorable for you as a group?

Rin: Our year was pretty long! Performing at Coachella is definitely the most memorable one for me. It gave us this feeling that anything is possible. And it was a major opportunity to present ourselves and our work to the world.

Suzuka: For me, it was our first North American tour that was the most memorable happening within our one year so far.

Now, if there’s one thing you want the world to know about Atarashii Gakko!, what is it?

All: Our live performances!

Suzuka: Our live shows! Most definitely.

Mizyu: What it’s like to see one of our live performances.

What’s on your mind right now?

Suzuka: I’m glad it’s sunny. I was like, yes!

Rin: I’m looking forward to performing on stage more.

Kanon: Jet lag.

How do you guys beat jet lag?

Mizyu: I don’t know!

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