A woman on Reddit is feeling uneasy after her boyfriend confessed he routinely watches videos of people being killed online.

"My boyfriend has been reading A TON of Stephen King recently. A TON! And nothing is wrong with that," she began, adding that ever since he started reading Stephen King's books, he's "gotten kinda weird."

"He’s been reacting differently to certain situations and has been saying some pretty dark stuff. On the phone today he tells me he watches videos on X (formerly known as Twitter) that contain people being killed. Like actual people," she continued.

When the woman pressed her boyfriend for more information, he assured her that he doesn't watch "that often," and that they just "kinda pop up" on his social media feeds.

"I explained that the algorithm typically picks videos or tweets that you have a similar interest in. It depends on what you engage with. He told me no, they just pop up. He told me it’s not that big of a deal and I told him it is," she shared.

The woman added that this is "very concerning" to her, and that while he's "never done anything to scare me ... this actually freaks me out."

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Users tried to comfort the woman and put her mind at ease in the comments.

"I'm into true crime and sometimes I fall into a YouTube vortex of some deaths and accidents. Not because I take pleasure in knowing people died, but it is interesting to me how some stuff happens. With all that, I am not intending to kill anyone. It might or might not be a big deal. More likely he's just curious, but do stay cautious and see if anything else changes," one person wrote.

"I've seen videos like this pop up a couple times, I clicked not interested and they didn't pop up again after. How exactly did he tell you? Was it more so that he enjoyed watching it or was it that they keep popping up and he doesn't know why? You probably need to decide if this is something that makes you uncomfortable enough to end the relationship over," another advised.

"This is super weird. Not necessarily that a couple videos came up, but that it happens often enough that he brought it up to you. You're right about the algorithm, especially if he watches the videos through the end or repeatedly, it'll keep coming up," someone else commented.

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