How strange and creepy you can buy a robot guard dog. Of course, it has so many more uses.

Then again, maybe a flame-throwing robot dog with lasers isn't that weird considering AI is taking over, robot dogs are already used by law enforcement agencies, and self-driving cars are a thing.

There's a company in Ohio called Throwflame and now you can buy this four-legged robot called the "Thermonator." You have to admit the name is awesome however the video of this robot dog is truly terrifying. I'll share it with you in a second. via Facebook via Facebook

The Thermonator is the first of its kind which is probably something I didn't even need to tell you. It's totally legal in all 50 states according to the New York Post for anyone to buy.

The cost is  $9,420 and this four-legged robot dog has a flame-throwing mechanism attached to the top of its body as well as lights and lasers and the video is freaking me out.

Here it is.

The Thermonator, or as Flamethrow has nicknamed it, the Hot Dog, can operate for an hour at a time remotely by wifi or Bluetooth. The fire jet on its back can reach up to 30 feet.

In all honesty, I'm not sure who would buy this as a guard dog, however, according to Flamethrow, its main purpose is to help with firefighting training, agricultural burns, ground clearing, snow and ice removal, pyrotechnic events, and even as a movie prop.

What will they think of next?

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