Taylor Swift fans are currently in a frenzy solving a series of puzzles via Google in hopes of unlocking the yet-to-be-revealed vault track titles from the pop superstar's upcoming re-recorded album.

Unlike the vault tracks of her previously re-recorded albums, Swift has up teamed with Google for her 1989 (Taylor's Version) vault tracks reveal. Fans are furiously working together to solve a series of anagram puzzles that may either reveal song titles or provide clues related to song titles.

Swift first teased the puzzle game on her Instagram account on Sept. 19.

1989 (Taylor's Version) is swift's fourth re-recorded album. The album is out Oct. 27, nine years after the original release of 1989.

How to Get to Taylor Swift's Puzzles on Google:

According to Google's official blog, fans who wish to access Taylor Swift's vault puzzles simply need to type "Taylor Swift" into the Google search bar.

One the search is submitted, a blue vault will pop up on the user's screen inviting them to play the anagram word puzzles. A message will read: "Help unlock the vault! Join the global effort to solve 33 million puzzles together and look inside the vault."

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Unfortunately, as of publishing, the vault feature does not appear to be working properly for every user who searches "Taylor Swift" via Google's search bar.

It's unclear if the vault game only pops up randomly; if the system is currently overloaded with eager Swifties trying to access the feature; or if browser pop-up blockers may be impacting access for some users.

How Many Puzzles Need to be Solved to Open the Vault?

According to Google, 33 million puzzles need to be solved before the 1989 (Taylor's Version) vault tracks are revealed.

As of publishing, it's believed that only 1 percent, or 307,000 puzzles, have been solved by fans so far.

What Does 'From the Vault' Mean?

Songs that are "from the vault" simply mean songs and demos that did not make the original version of Taylor Swift's album(s) or their deluxe versions.

These previously unreleased "vault" tracks have been re-recorded and mastered, and are being released via the Taylor's Version albums to coincide with the eras for which they were originally written.

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