Jennifer Love Hewitt has insisted "you can't do anything right" with getting older in Hollywood.

The 44-year-old star has reflected on the way fans reacted to the way she revealed her dramatic new hairstyle in August, when she used a filter because she hadn't put any makeup on yet.

Appearing on the "Inside of You" podcast, she said: "Aging is Hollywood is really hard. You can't do anything right...

"I was getting my hair done and I had not a stitch of makeup on. So, I threw on a filter. I really gave it no thought...

"A bunch of people were like, ‘Jennifer Love Hewitt is unrecognizable.' ‘She's unrecognizable, so she's gone to filters because she doesn't want us to know how bad she actually looks now in her 40s.'"

The I Know What You Did Last Summer star described the uproar as "crazy," and noted she reacted at the time by "trying to make fun of it" as she shared more photos with "over the top" filters.

Alongside a series of Instagram snaps in September, she quipped: "So many people said I look different.

"I look the same as always. Couldn't look more natural... Filters don't change you that much."

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However, her followers still found a reason to complain, making the actress feel like she simply can't win.

She recalled: "They were like, ‘Well, now she's just defending herself and why is she defending?' I realized I can do no right."

Although she would like to be able to ignore the trolls online, Love Hewitt candidly admitted it's difficult not to take notice of what other people are saying.

She confessed: "To pretend that we don't is a lie."

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